A New Begining

My family recently moved into a new home in the Highland Square neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. It is a 1918 craftsman that, though it is a bit rough around the edges, has the potential to be a comfortable and beautiful home for however large our family ends up being. Although this home is very typical for this neighborhood and similar to many in Akron, I am still amazed on a regular basis that I live here. Right now, it seems to good to be true. Two weeks ago, I was still living with my in-laws, so the feeling of freedom alone is very refreshing. Don’t get me wrong. My wife’s parents are wonderful and generous people, but it is difficult to loose your home and depend on another for a place to live. The last two years have been somewhat of a disaster for my family.  In those two years: I lost my job in Montana, sold my home and moved to New Mexico, took another job at a church there, quickly realized this was a bad situation for me, in 6 months resigned that position and moved to Ohio. All this left our finances in total shambles. In addition, Judy became pregnant while we were in New Mexico and we soon learned that our baby would likely have medical problems.

Agnes Maria was born in June of 2013 at Akron General Hospital. She spent a great part of her life at Akron Children’s Hospital, and passed away there on January 24th of this year. Though her death was tragic her life was a miracle and a blessing. I believe I am richer for her short life, though the pain of her passing is still very fresh.

These two years have not been without other blessings as well. To name a few: we made  many new friends and received much hospitality  in New Mexico, we had a wonderful vacation driving from New Mexico to Ohio and visited many friends along the way, we are now members of a wonderful Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic parish and have made many friends there, I was able to quickly find work at Romeo’s as a driver while I attend school, I am in an RN program and looking forward to a bright future in the medical field, people all over the world and in our local area supported us in Agnes’ illness and even bought us a van to transport her, and lastly we got this amazing house. To me this feels like a new chapter in my life. I think things are going to get better now. I have grief to work through and a tough academic program to struggle through. But things are getting better.


4 thoughts on “A New Begining

  1. I am so happy that things are finally looking up for you and your family! You are such good people, and you are due for a few bits of good luck!

  2. I love this blog, Jeremy, and I love your courageous way of looking at the future as a new chapter! You and your family are an inspiration to me!

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