Not Ready for Pinterest

Today is my wife Judy’s birthday. So the other day she asked our three year old son Stephen what he wanted to get her for her birthday. He replied without hesitating, “a zebra.” Usually his response to questions without obvious responses is,  “I don’t know.” So we were a little surprised. But anyway I was now tasked with a mission to provide Mommy with a zebra. I decided we would make one together. Naturally I used two Styrofoam plates, some glue, blue painter’s tape and some white paint. Here are the results.







Okay. Maybe it looks kinda like a blue donkey. But we had fun.


One thought on “Not Ready for Pinterest

  1. I love this blog so much! You are a wonderful daddy who should be commended for the effort and attention you put into this project so that Stephen could present his mommy with exactly what she asked for! Not enough men out there teaching their sons how to treat a woman!

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