Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church

This morning went to visit Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Anaheim, California. A friend of ours from church used to be a parishioner here when he lived in  Anaheim. So we told him we’d visit. For those of you who don’t know, my family has been going to a Ukrainian Catholic parish for a little over a year. I plan to write a series of blog posts on why we decided to become Byzantine Catholics, at a future date.
This morning which happened to be July 4th, we went to the 9am weekday liturgy at Annunciation. We were greeted before we even entered the building by a man who happened to be a cousin of a parishioner at our church in Akron. The church is very beautiful. We really enjoyed the liturgy, and felt at home, even if the music was a little unfamiliar. Fr. James Barrand was very friendly and took time to talk to us before and after the liturgy.


      The sanctuary has really impressive frescoes. They are working on paying down the mortgage before building an Iconostasis.


                  The Pantocrator (image of Christ) in the dome.


      Peacock mosaic on the outside.


      Sign, and lilac trees. I didn’t know lilacs came in a tree version.

If you are ever in Orange County, check it out. It is worth a visit.


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